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1 x Be Natur COLLmix+

1 x Be Natur Ionic Mg Ultra Rapid SKIN&SPORT (120ml)

Be Natur Body Balance Pack

For everyone aiming for optimal health and body balance, the Be Natur Body Balance Pack is the perfect combination of nature's power and the latest scientific achievements. This carefully selected package brings together two revolutionary products: Be Natur Ionic Mg Ultra Rapid SKIN&SPORT - a magnesium spray for quick and effective improvement of mental and physical health, and Be Natur COLLmix+ collagen peptide, which helps in reducing fat tissue, increasing muscle mass, and supporting bone and cartilage health.

Be Natur Ionic Mg Ultra Rapid SKIN&SPORT provides your body with high pharmaceutical purity magnesium, essential for energy, peaceful sleep, a strong heart, and stress resistance. Our formula allows for the magnesium to be quickly absorbed exactly where it's needed, giving you lasting strength and vitality.

Be Natur COLLmix+ collagen peptide is your ally in maintaining a youthful appearance and a strong physical structure. By reducing fat tissue and supporting muscle mass, this product not only helps you achieve your desired shape but also improves the quality of your skin, hair, and nails, reflecting your inner health.

Together, these products make up the Be Natur Body Balance Pack, designed to support your desire for body harmony and wellbeing. With magnesium for mental and physical strength and collagen for aesthetic and structural support, this pack offers a comprehensive solution for your health and aesthetic goals. Discover the power of nature and science with Be Natur, and take the first step towards a balanced and healthy life.


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